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Treatments and Massages
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Rituals and massages


A series of enveloping manual skills that promote relaxation and a rediscovered physical and emotional balance. The aromatherapy properties of the Tranquility Blend restore a deep serenity by harmonizing mind and body.


Inspired by an ancient indigenous practice belonging to the Tibetan medical tradition born more than 3900 years ago, this particular ritual promotes the increase of vitality, removes psychophysical tensions and reduces stress. The music therapy of the Tibetan bells and the heat of the hot stones will restore a perfect balance to mind and body.


A journey through the sense of smell and rhythmic movements that slide over the body as the sea slides over the skin. Swaying is hypnotic and relaxing, strengthens the immune system and makes fluids flow from the body.


A unique experience to share as a couple in which to be guided by our expert Spa Therapists along the stages of a wellness ritual that celebrates self-care. Rebalancing, relaxing, moisturizing, choose the ritual that's right for you.

Body Treatments


Remineralizing treatment with mud composed of ventilated clay and thermal water with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, thanks to which joint pain is relieved and toxins eliminated.


Exfoliating ritual with rhyolite particles, a lava stone rich in silica, with a remineralizing and regenerating action. It renews and tones the skin leaving it soft and velvety.


Intensive detoxifying, draining and anti-cellulite treatment. Improves microcirculation and tissue metabolism, stimulates the elimination of toxins and gives a feeling of lightness to the legs thanks to a bandage with essential oils.


Trattamento nutriente multivitaminico antiossidante per viso, collo e decolletè ad azione riparatrice e protettiva a base di Olio di Macadamia e bacche di Goji. Ideale per pelli denutrite, stressate e stanche.


Plumping and lifting anti-aging face and neck treatment. Combined with the exclusive Active Lift Massage, it restores fullness and redefines the volumes of the face, nourishes, illuminates and recompacts the skin. The signs of aging appear immediately attenuated.


The perfect antidote to detoxify the skin and to specifically combat impurities and imperfections. The facial treatment fights the effects of stress and daily environmental pollution that accelerate the aging process.