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The Restaurant
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Mood Restaurant

Our restaurant offers the best specialties of Mediterranean and international cuisine, enhancing lightness, genuineness and originality thanks to the careful revisiting of our Chef Valentino Catucci. The elegant and peaceful atmosphere of its large hall favors food tasting and a convivial serenity among the guests.

The kitchen
Mediterranean, vegan, vegetarian, traditional, international: the cuisine of our restaurant has a recipe for every palate, for every moment and season of the year, but always characterized by top quality ingredients and a tireless food and wine search.



It's important to start the day well, you know, and that's why we pay particular attention to breakfast.
Every day the availability and friendliness of our staff is the setting for a buffet full of fragrant homemade cakes, diet products, fresh croissants, vegan and gluten free pastries, fresh fruit, infusions, cereals, yoghurt, honey in comb and, of course, a splendid cappuccino. A real culinary treat for a sweet awakening!


Lunch break

Back from your treatments, a walk in the surroundings or from shopping, there is nothing better than being able to choose what and how to eat according to the inspiration of the moment. So, for a more informal lunch break you can relax and enjoy great food with our Smart Lunch at the Pool Bar: here you will find a wide range of Italian hamburgers, sandwiches, wraps, buffalo bars, tasty salads and a variety of Chef's spaghetti.

The gourmet dinner

In the evening, with the Gourmet menu, the imagination of our chefs will never bore you with ever-changing and delicious dishes, which reflect the two main vocations of the Terme Salus Hotel, the well-being of the person and the enhancement of the cultural and gastronomic resources of Tuscia.

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Tradition at the table

Our menu evolves with the seasons, based on the availability of fresh local produce, to always give you the maximum taste and authenticity of flavors. For every period of the year our Chef carefully selects traditional local dishes revisited in order to highlight their essential characteristics and rediscover their authentic gastronomic value. Valentino Catucci also proposes "Food in Tour" a journey through traditional Italian dishes.


The sweet delights of the house

The "Salus Gourmet" restaurant is rich in traditions also and above all in terms of desserts. Prepared by our pastry chef with genuine ingredients, they will make all your end meals unique: the most sublime flavor with which to get up from the table.

Restaurant "Mood Restaurant": a seductive journey through flavors, shapes and colors, for a triumph of taste and full satisfaction.