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Giovanni Ciacci at the Salus: story of a great friendship

For one of his strange and wonderful jokes, the Italian language uses a single, host term, to indicate both the one who welcomes and the one who is welcomed. That is why, then, the bond between the landlord and his visitor is all the stronger the stronger is the affection that unites them and that in the reception finds the necessary sap to grow.
At Salus it often happens that similar affinities are born, certainly thanks to a calm and serene environment, an ideal locus amoenus to free creativity and allow it to wander between the lines of a world, most of the time unknown, which clamors to be told.

In short, a small great magic is realized, just like the one that was born from the last visit of our friend Giovanni Ciacci, who, thanks to the relaxing and beneficial atmosphere of Salus and his friendship with our General Manager, Tiziana Governatori , gave birth to his latest novel, La Contessa (Salani Editore), in which he brings to light some aspects of the "scandalous" life of Giò Stajano, one of the first homosexuals declared in our country.
A confirmation, if any were needed, of how the health of the body is also reflected on that of the soul. How, from us at Salus, well-being is really based on well-living and together, together with the sensitivity of a true artist, in a modern literary otium, they create the perfect opportunity to be enchanted and enchanted.