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“Salus & Yoga”: wellness and nature

Often, returning from a short vacation, we say to ourselves: "What a shame it is over right now that I was starting to relax!".

It's true: we run all year and time never seems to pass, and when we finally manage to give ourselves a weekend for ourselves, a few days of relaxation and tranquility, we discover that instead time (this rascal!) Flows too much in hurry and does not give us the opportunity to enjoy the last moment of peace we have long sought.
No, unfortunately not even we at Salus can do anything against the passage of time ... But we can do one thing, and we do it with all our heart: work so that your perception of time is as wide as possible and your stay with us will truly regenerate your body and soul.

"Salus & Yoga" is this: the possibility to enjoy our Thermal Spa and the new Total Relaxing Pool and, together, to give you an Ayurvedic massage and a personalized yoga session. All of this, naturally, immersed in the nature of our thermal park, in an oasis of peace and well-being.

Tempus fugit, it's true. The important thing is knowing how to take full advantage of what is given to us!