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Thermal SPA
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Your Wellness Experience

A regenerating experience in a real Salus per Aquam!
The attention dedicated to our guests comes from the culture of hospitality that the Terme Salus Resort & Spa has been practicing for years. We provide our professionalism to build together customized programs. Thermal Spa offers a wellness experience in a unique atmosphere where relaxation and elegance meet. Our customers choose us for the dermocosmetic and beneficial properties of our thermal waters but also because they find a quality service in an informal and elegant environment. The professionalism of our Spa Therapists guarantees constant research and updating of the proposals.
The experience and expertise of the Spa Manager allows us to offer a free consultation to build customized programs for one or more days of treatments.

Etruscan Wellness

Following the ancient teachings of the first admirers of these waters, we designed for our guests a path composed of 7 experiential stages that will make you discover the beneficial effects of the famous thermal waters of Viterbo, also mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy. A wise alternation of activities and breaks to prepare the body and mind for the next step, without hurrying along all the stages.
The first impression is green, that of the Turan Gardens; then follows the opalescent and steaming blue of the thermal streams that lead into the Menerva basin, where you can indulge in the peace of time suspended between water and sky. Turan, the tutelary name of Vulci, was for the Etruscans the goddess of love. And actually choosing the Etruscan Route means this: loving each other.

Thermal Pool

It consists of a covered area and a connected discovery.
The swimming pool, accessible from inside the Center, is equipped with a cervical waterfall, hydromassage and counter-current swimming.

Contattaci ora

Rituals and Body Treatments

A unique experience in which to let yourself be guided by our expert Spa Therapists along the stages of a wellness ritual that celebrates self-care.

Rebalancing, anti-fatigue, moisturizing, choose the ritual that's right for you:
- Hot Stone
- Tibetan Sound Massage
- Tranquillty, Ayurvedic
- Salt Massage
- Shiatsu
- Ritual Hammam
- Dolce Vita treatment
- Under Salt and Persian Rose.


Facial treatments

Thanks to the most innovative products and the dermocosmetic properties of the thermal waters we can offer you a wide choice of treatments for a renewed brightness and beauty of your face. Choose with our Spa Therapists the most suitable treatment for your skin!
Purifying, for sensitive, moisturizing, anti-aging skin: Remedy, Hudramemory, Active Pureness, Sublime Skin, Recover Touch.


Hair stylist

Water, massages, temperature and air humidity put a strain on our hair. To be immediately ready for a romantic dinner or a work commitment, take a look at our hair stylist.


Tibetan Sound Massage

Inspired by an ancient indigenous practice belonging to the Tibetan medical tradition born more than 3900 years ago, this particular ritual promotes the increase of vitality, removes psychophysical tensions and reduces stress. The music therapy of the Tibetan bells and the heat of the hot stones will restore a perfect balance to mind and body.


Mediterranean Massage

A journey through the sense of smell and rhythmic movements that slide over the body as the sea slides over the skin. Swaying is hypnotic and relaxing, strengthens the immune system and makes fluids flow from the body.


Aromasol Volcanic Scrub

Exfoliating ritual with rhyolite particles, a lava stone rich in silica, with a remineralizing and regenerating action. It renews and tones the skin leaving it soft and velvety.


Detox and Drain

Intensive detoxifying, draining and anti-cellulite treatment. Improves microcirculation and tissue metabolism, stimulates the elimination of toxins and gives a feeling of lightness to the legs thanks to a bandage with essential oils.

Night Spa

from 7.00pm to 11.30pm

19.00 Evening starts
19.30 Events: Aufguss Ritual in Sauna and Turkish Foam Ritual in Etruscan Cave
from 20.00 to 21.30 Aperidinner by our chef Davide Romanelli

21.30 Events: Aufguss Ritual in Sauna and Savonage Ritual with black soap in Etruscan Cave
22:00 Events: Turkish foam in Etruscan cave
22.30 Events: Aufguss Ritual in Sauna and Turkish Foam Ritual in Etruscan Cave
23.30 End of the evening

€ 59 per person

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Total Relaxing Pool

The new tempered saline pool with living area and chaise longue in the water.