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Salus Terme daily provides the implementation of safety standards and protocols to comply with guidelines about hygiene and cleanliness for our guests and team.

Green Pass Covid-19 will be mandatory to access to our Resort facilities starting from August 06th 2021.Don't forget to bring it with you.
Visit "Safe Hospitality" web page for any further information.

GREEN PASS, by printed or digital copy, must certify one of the following conditions:
- to have undergone at leat one dose of COVID-19 vaccine
- to be negative after a molecular or antigenic COVID-19 test, done within the last 48 hours
- to be healthy after contracting COVID-19 during the last six months


At every check-out we sanitize air conditioner filters of rooms and we intensify the frequency of sanitization of air conditioner filters of common areas.

In every area of the hotel hydroalcoholic and disinfectant gel dispenser are available for our customers and team members to promote the frequent use from guests and staff.

Our areas have wide windows that promote the proper ventilation. We have intensified sanitation procedures with a special attention to public areas and we have removed not cleanable items. Before guest's arrival, rooms are sanitized with hydroalcoholic solution and hydrogen peroxide. At the end of each table service the usual measures of cleaning and disinfection of surfaces are guaranteed.

Water safety of thermal pools is guaranteed by a microbiological self-check for hygiene and health that provides the frequent cleaning and sanitization. The maximum replacement of water is guaranteed according to the maximum catchment rate. Adjacent areas of pools and Spa are sanitized at least once a day and anyway at each change of person or family nucleus with hydroalcoholic solution.

Water safety of freshwater pools is ensured by automatic systems of chlorination. The monitoring of parameters established by the Higher Institute of Health is intensified to guarantee the level of protection against the infection. Adjacent areas of pools and Spa are sanitized at least once a day and anyway at each change of person or family nucleus with hydroalcoholic solution.

Usual high sanitary standards of our Spa are further enahanced to ensure high safety. The operator always sanitize his hands with hydroalcoholic solution before and after each treatment. The room/environment used for the treatment is sanitized before and after each service with hydrolcoholic solution and peroxide.


We are in a privileged situation, due to wide indoor areas and three outdoor parks that develop on about three hectares that have always ensured the total privacy and in which it is easy to keep distances. In the resort we promote the differentiation of paths with a special attention to entry and exit areas, highlighted by information boards and delimitation of spaces.

We ensure the distancing of tables of at least one meter in indoor and outdoor restaurants with mandatory booking to guarantee the observance of the numers and distances. It is also possible to enjoy the room service to combine the total safety with the pleasure of an exclusive experience.

The keyword is "open-air". According to the recommendation of at least two meters of distance during the physical activity, we suggest open-air fitness activities for small groups, yoga and meditation classes into our nature paths.


Check-in procedures can be partially processed before guest's arrival in order to avoid close contacts with the reception staff. During the check-out contactless payment systems are favored.

For the access to the resort body temperature detection with thermoscan contactless devices may be required, by respecting the safety and the privacy of guests and staff.

Guests and staff must always wear a surgical mask in common indoor areas. This will be required in outdoor areas whenever it is not possible to keep one meter of distance at least.

We have appointed a person in charge of constant monitoring of the application of security standards for guests and staff. It is provided a dedicated access to the building for our staff and daily body temperature detection with thermoscan devices.

All our staff is trained to ensure the compliance with safety control to safely carry out their tasks.