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Often, returning from a short vacation, we say to ourselves: "What a shame it is over right now that I was starting to relax!".It's true: we run all year and time never seems to pass, and when we finally manage to give ourselves a weekend for ourselves, a few days of relaxation and tr...

The "perfect vacation", however you want to imagine it, usually combines some aspects that each of us then declines as you prefer and in the way that is most congenial to us: a nice place to visit, a welcoming structure in an elegant location, good food. In other words, relaxation and well-being...

After a short break, here we are again talking about us ... and you! In this period we were certainly not idle, but rather we looked for new and original ideas so that your stay at the Salus is always more fun and relaxing. Thus, thanks to the Total Relaxing Pool recently inaugurated with a splen...

"Work tired". Cesare Pavese wrote it many years ago and we, especially today, cannot but agree with the words of this immense contemporary poet.Working tired even more if, after a busy day, perhaps dealing with customers with impossible requests, balances to balance or projects to des...

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