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When a gift comes from the heart, doing it and receiving it give the same joy, the same feeling of fulfillment. And when this gift is also shared, that underlying emotion can only grow and make us appreciate even more the feeling that generated it.Valentine's Day is once again around...

For one of his strange and wonderful jokes, the Italian language uses a single, host term, to indicate both the one who welcomes and the one who is welcomed. That is why, then, the bond between the landlord and his visitor is all the stronger the stronger is the affection that unites them and tha...

And who said that only children can enjoy it on Halloween?We think that every occasion is good to spend unforgettable moments, in the name of wellness and relaxation, of course, but also, given the period, a certain amount of thrill and fear! Of course, at first glance, relaxation and...

And if there was a "better than the best"? If we wanted to offer our guests an even more magical experience, in which to enjoy exclusive relaxation?From this question was born the "Salus Privilege", a privileged space, precisely, where our guests, cared for and pampered by our staff,...

Often, returning from a short vacation, we say to ourselves: "What a shame it is over right now that I was starting to relax!".It's true: we run all year and time never seems to pass, and when we finally manage to give ourselves a weekend for ourselves, a few days of relaxation and tr...

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