Salus Spa


(Italiano) NIGHT SPA

(Italiano) dalle 19.00 alle 23.30


19.00 Inizio Serata

19.30 Eventi: Rituale Aufguss in Sauna e Rituale Schiumata Turca in Grotta Etrusca

dalle 20.00 alle 21.30
Aperidinner a cura del nostro chef Valentino Catucci

21.30 Eventi: Rituale Aufguss in Sauna e Rituale Savonage con sapone nero in Grotta Etrusca

22.30 Eventi: Rituale Aufguss in Sauna e Rituale Schiumata Turca in Grotta Etrusca

23.30 Fine serata

€ 49 a persona


Salus Spa

The Salus Spa, conveniently attached to the Hotel, combines tradition and innovation in personal care. Absolute protagonist is our Valentine's thermal spring. Its water flows at a temperature of 36 ° to 40 °, and it possesses chemical-physical characteristics that make it a valuable ally in the cure and prevention of chronic respiratory, joint and skin disorders. Provided with an impressive spa park, indoor pool, relaxation hall, gym and saunas, the Center will be able to offer you a total experience through specific paths that can regenerate body and mind.

The Etruscan Thermal Route

The Etruscan Thermal Path expresses the best of our Wellness concept: a wise alternation of activities and breaks to prepare the body and mind to the next step, running in a hurried way the stages that from simple being lead to well-being. The first impression is the green, that of the Gardens of Turan; Follows the celestial opalescent and steaming of the thermal springs that drive through Menerva and Nethuns, two new outdoor pools where you can leave the peace of the suspended time between water and sky. Turan, the guardian of Vulci, was for the Etruscans the goddess of love. And choosing the Etruscan Route means in fact this, to love oneself.

The sources


Circular bath tub with internal chaise longues to immerse and completely wrap the entire body.


Rectangular saline bowl with eight cervical-lumbar waterfalls and two lower limbs (in case of osteo-articular problems point to the moments of the entrance).

Piscina Termale San Valentino

It consists of a covered area and a discovery between them. The pool, accessible from the inside of the center, is equipped with cervical waterfall, whirlpools and counter-current swimming.

The thermal paths

Grotta Etrusca

Calidarium which, thanks to the hot steam released by the thermal water, has a natural and delicate action on the body.

Percorso Kneipp

The Kneipp vascular paths, with the passage from heat to cold and vice versa, induce a vascular gymnastics that improves microcirculation, giving a feeling of lightness and freshness to the lower limbs.

Relax rooms in Salus Spa

The silence of relaxation with fireplace
Buddha Spa Room
Ayurvedic Spa Room

In summer

In summer, the Etruscan Thermal Path is enriched with the new Saline pools, Semia e Feronia


Large pool suitable for swimming, with perimeter hydromassage and a covered part.


Cervical-lumbar hydro-massage cascade tub, central hydromassage from the total body bottom, walk against the current.

(Italiano) Total Relaxing Pool

(Italiano) Total relaxing Pool
La nuova piscina con area living e chaise longue in acqua