Salus Spa



Classic rooms express, in its most basic form, the neoclassical decapé style that connotes all the environments of our hotel. Elegance and functionality are therefore their most important features and are recommended to those who want a sober stay, without however giving up any comfort.



The Superior Rooms feature all the conveniences already present in the Classic, but they also add to the freedom and pleasure of a balcony. Depending on the location of the room, the balcony can look out onto the park, with its imposing centuries-old pines or on the Turan Gardens, a recent green space featuring lovely outdoor spa tubs.


Junior Suite

Equipped with a living room that gives it a welcoming and elegant appearance, the Junior Suite has a window overlooking the San Valentino thermal pool, a unique thermal spring in Viterbo, the centerpiece of Centro Salus Spa, and a balcony from which it is possible Admire the Turan Gardens and the spectacle of their green mantle, their waterways and their tanks that exalt the beautiful, vibrant color of thermal waters.


Suite Privilege

Privilege Suite is the ultimate solution for the highest quality and elegance in terms of environment and services. In fact, they feature a large and intimate living room, the exclusive comfort of two bathrooms and two balconies that overlook the two main symbols of our hotel: the secular park of pines, on the one hand; The Turan Gardens, cun its smoking streams on the other. For this reason, Privilege Suite is the very essence of Hotel Salus Terme.



Single, comfortable and comfortable rooms are ideal for business travelers without compromising on comfort.